“Homesick” Film Chosen for Edmonton and Toronto Film Festivals

Earlier this summer I submitted a short silent film entitled “Homesick” for consideration in Edmonton’s first ever Gotta Minute Film Festival and the eighth annual Toronto Urban Film Festival. I am happy to share with you that the video was accepted into both festivals! This means a great deal to me as I really value public art and this is about as public as it gets!

The Gotta Minute Film Festival program runs short films every 10 minutes on platform screens throughout Edmonton Transit’s LRT system. This is Public Art on Public Transit in Public Space! The new festival will include dramatic, documentary, animated and experimental short films by seasoned and emerging filmmakers.

The Toronto Urban Film Festival is currently North America’s largest subway film festival. It reaches over one million daily commuters on subway platform screens across the Toronto transit system every September. The films will also be shown in the Calgary International Airport.

Homesick was one of 80 films selected by a jury out of hundreds of submissions from dozens of countries.  Award-winning Canadian filmmaker Guy Maddin is the guest judge this year, amazing!

Homesick will be available on the TUFF website for viewing and voting as of September 3rd to September 11th, your votes would be greatly appreciated!

Special thank you to both festival’s event staff, volunteers and sponsors who make these opportunities possible.

Cheyenne Kean-Lemery
One Blue Sock Creative Studio

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